The Management Mile

People are not what they seem. 

That is, there is most often a gap between what you see on the outside compared to the inside. Outside we fit in, say the right things, and look good. On the inside, we have a fear of being found out. A fear of not being enough. We don’t believe in ourselves. And we have low esteem. These internal conflicts are more common than most will admit. 

I wrote this book as a way to take you on a journey on how to close those gaps. Closing those gaps will mean that you will embrace the most attractive quality of any leader or manager. That quality is certainty. In fact, with no gap between the outside and inside you can embrace deep certainty. And people follow the most certain. 

Across each page I will reveal for you both the inner and outer workings of leadership and management success. You will feel validated, relieved and then delighted to discover who you need to become and what you can do to lead your business, your team, your company or your organisation toward a healthy and successful future. 

Leaving behind a 23-year corporate career in order to help others has been a truly transformational journey for me. You are baring the fruits of my unexpected learnings in the hope You can avoid so many of the mistakes I made along my path. You will experience a transformation from head to heart. A transformation where what people see on the outside, is the inside. 

The book will help you enjoy not only the journey of understanding your people better, but yourself even more. We are only limited in what we can see in others as a result of what we are able to see in ourselves. 

The principles in this book are fantastic. Read them. Work them. Believe them and live them. They work. 

To Your Success